Sand Channel Drainage

Golf Courses


Golf course applications involve both high-intensity (16×48) and standard (24×48) systems. Putting greens and tees typically require high-intensity systems, while fairways generally utilize the standard system. In other areas, the volume and concentration of traffic will determine which system is appropriate.

Increase Play and Revenues
Areas with Sand Channel drainage are drier, firmer, and easier to maintain. Better drainage means healthier turf, which enhances the playability and the overall appearance of the course. This adds to the quality and enjoyment of the golfing experience, which, in turn, produces higher levels of play and revenue throughout the year.

Preserve An Architect’s Original Design
Sand Channel drainage is ideal for existing courses with greens or fairways that no longer drain well. It is particularly effective for push-up style greens that have become difficult to manage. Performance, playability and maintainability are improved quickly and dramatically, eliminating the need for more-extensive reconstruction, with its attendant cost and disruption. Sand Channel drainage delivers significant benefits, while affording the opportunity to preserve the quality and character of a course’s original design.

Many Applications
Sand Channel drainage systems are appropriate for virtually all areas, including: tees, greens, fairways, and practice ranges. Click the icons below to see schematic illustrations of typical putting green and fairway installations.

Greens Specs Fairways Specs

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Sand Channel Drainage
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