Sand Channel Drainage

Installation Procedures


Sand Channel drainage is installed using patented equipment. Each channeling machine is designed to cut and fill two channels at a time – in a continuous sequence of operations.

Most installations are accomplished in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Install the sand channels.
    Installation machines cut two channels at a time, 48 inches apart. As the channels are cut, they are immediately filled with sand. Two or three sets of sand channels are needed to complete phase one; two sets for sand channels on 24″ centers, three sets for sand channels on 16″ centers. Spoil dirt is removed after each set of sand channels is installed.
  • Phase 2 – Install the pipe channels.
    As above, pipe channels are cut two-at-a-time, 48 inches apart. As the channels are cut, the installation machine lays Hi-Flo pipe at the bottom of each channel, and then fills the remainder of the channel with sand. Since the final spacing of the pipe channels is 48 inches, only one set is required. Spoil dirt from the pipe channels is removed to complete phase two.
  • Phase 3 – Install collector lines.
    Standard trenching equipment is used to cut a 6″- 8″ wide trench. Trench depth is precisely controlled to ensure proper flow through the collector line. When the trench has been cut and cleaned, perforated pipe is laid at the bottom, over a bed of pea gravel. The slope of the pipe is confirmed, and then the pipe is covered with additional pea gravel. The pea gravel extends to within 4 – 6 inches of the surface, where it is covered with a geotextile filter fabric. A layer of soil/sod is placed over the filter fabric, to complete the installation.

Putting Greens are Unique
Putting greens – the Company’s signature product – require special procedures and effort:

  • Using a channeling machine with special “pre-cutter” devices mounted in front of the cutting blades, a strip of turf is removed where each channel will be.
  • After channels are cut and filled, and spoil dirt is removed, the sand in the channels is watered and compacted.
  • To complete the installation, the strips of turf are restored over the channels.

The hallmark of each putting green installation is the meticulous restoration of the putting surface. Work is done by hand, to the most exacting standards. The quality of the finished restoration is such that the green can be played as soon as work is complete. We don’t encourage this, however, and always recommend that greens be given time to recover from the stress of the installation.

Sand Channel Drainage
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